Friday, October 31, 2008

Return to AoC

Hi everyone.

I've recently returned to AoC after a long hiatus inspired by a new career, WoW, War, and a few other little distractions along the way.

My first impressions after returning are, in a broad-to-narrow view:

-There aren't a lot of people. The population is hurting a little, but the game is still just as exciting and fantastic as it was before. I think with the way combat was implemented (even post patch- referring mainly to AoE melee) was fantastic. The design as a whole was revolutionary and it brings with it a visceral feeling when you're in combat.

-Wow, the combat system has changed. If I had to pass judgment immediately I would say it's for the better.

-Assassins still feel pretty good. Combo priority has changed (a lot) and a lot of our broken abilities have been fixed. I haven't quite figured out "how" to PvP or PvE most efficiently yet (again) but I will, and when I do I'm sure you'll see a post here.

-I am missing a chunk of detail. I don't know which items are good, which tradeskills are good, where to farm for gear, where to raid for gear, who is raiding and who isn't, and so on. Keep that in mind regarding anything you read over the next few weeks.



Kevin said...

Nice! Keep us updated and I might return also. I wish it was a more popular game but they shot themselves in the foot by releasing the game too early with all the problems

Taur said...

Welcome back. Was a bit miffed why your blog ended so abruptly.... want to give us a rundown of what you've been up to?

As for recent changes, your hybrid spec still works well for me. I find that in lots of situations you can take down someone quickly now with FtD, GC for the snare, death gaze (when snared as good as a stun), then SS (with lunge/AoD with the finisher)... they are usually dead by then! :)

Mind, i am finding barbarians much harder... not sure why. Maybe its simply been the barbs i've been fighting, but i've really struggled to do any damage to them.

jim said...

I returned due to this comment, hehe.
I think it's a pretty good idea, anyways.

Uhm, update your blog with new tactics ASAP?