Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Updated Hybrid PvP Build

Since I'm respec'ing back to Hybrid from Full Lotus, I figured I would share the small changes to my previous build.

Evii's Hybrid Build

I've made two changes:

Old: 5/5 Cat's Paw
New: 2/5 Cat's Paw and 3/3 Accelerated

Impede Life was made useful with a -500 to natural regen, it basically eliminates non potion regeneration. Impede Life also happens to have a long 60s CD, Accelerated helps out with that. It also helps with Grim Corruption and Slow Death Strikes.

Old: 5/5 Unholy Armor
New: 5/5 Dread Weapons

I've more or less moved away from playing defensively with this hybrid build with the exception of Golden Lotus Extract. When you're deciding which of these talents (Unholy Armor or Dread Weapons) to pick you're looking at two different concepts of defensive... one being healing and the other being mitigation. Mitigation to me hasn't proven to be "that" useful... at least not for this build. So you're trading mitigation for offensive power as you have GLE to backup your leeches and make up for the ~10% invuln loss. For a full corruption build I would certainly recommend 5/5 Unholy Armor and the general feats to increase it even further because you lack GLE for burst healing.


Obviously the state of these builds will change as bugs get fixed and skills are reevaluated but as of right now I see zero fat or questionable feats in this build. Everything looks very tight, with the exception of the 10 "necessary evil" lotus points required to get deeper into the tree. I stand by what I've said before that the hybrid spec is by far the most effective PvP spec out there for an assassin.


Coronus said...

How does this build work for PvE? I am currently 59 and starting to think about raid/Mass PvP building but as yet dont want to give up my ability to survive in the PvE world with 20+lvls to go. Should I stick to the lotus build that I am currently in?
Also, youmentioned that melee classes didn't give much trouble so do you think that putting points in the melee dmg rogue general feat to be not worth it for PvE instances?

BTW, I love your blog and think you are one of the most stand up person as far as I have seen especially in the assassin forum. I wish more were like you.


Viia said...

It works very well in PvE but you can't really "flesh it out" well because you need all of the feats to stand out.

If I were going to level hybrid:
1) Put the 22 points in Lotus

2) Do all of Corruption going strait for FtD in leaving Death Whirlwind/Death's Gaze/Avatar of Death side of the tree for last

3) Put one point in Excellent Balance (leaving the last 4 points for 78/79/80/80)

...which means you'll have the build done 22/44/1 at 70, 22/52/1 at level 77, and lastly 22/52/5 at 80.

Muffinz said...
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ZDI said...


What is your opinion on Life Leech? I see that you left it out of your build and I'm wondering why you're passing up on it.

B said...

Life Leech requires too many points invested to be effective.

It *MAY* be worth considering for a full corruption build, but never would I grab it in a hybrid build.

Coronus said...

Thanks man. I am going to run to a trainer and give this a try.


Christian said...

Quick question. Are you 100% sure SDS reaps benefits from both dps increase talents?

Viia said...


They certainly don't. The only reason you pickup the first 10 in Lotus is to get to the further down feats.

craylon said...

good hybrid build

i was toying with a hybrid lotus based but actually i never could get deep enough into corruption to get the good stuff other then beafing up the swift strikes...

efflamm said...

What about vile corruption above corrupting strike ? I've read your first toughts on it. But now? I dont think you're using that much the combo associated with it. On top of that it only affect 1 combo while CS potentially affect many combo.
discuss please :)

efflamm said...

With dread weapon it make sense to get corrupting strike , dont you think ?

Mephs said...
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Mephs said...

Hm, I can't say I agree with 2/5 Cat's for Accelerated. Impede isn't half bad now, yeah, but as Corruption you really shouldn't be fighting anything long enough for a 2nd Impede to be up.

Also 2/5 Cat's vs. 5/5 Cat's is like night and day, you might as well not get it if you don't get 5/5 for the huge difference in evasion rate (unless you're stacking evade gems...)

I agree with everything else but might question the utility of Dread Weapons vs. Unholy Armor. 10% is a lot, and is constant. Dread weapons is a proc off of a proc, basically. Deeper thoughts, Ev?

Noxous said...

Hey Evii,

I've just respecced from a Lotus build to your hybrid PVP spec.

With Lotus spec in pvp I was used to running in circles, charging my combo (SS or SDS) up before landing the final strike on the target.

Now what I've tried to do now is combine this with FtD. i.e. charge up one of the combos, use FtD and then finish the combo. If you land it right and you get all the damage of the combo in one strike. I'm not sure if this is a bug but it does currently work. I cant see a reason why it is as FtD is not a combo but a skill so it shouldn't interrupt your combo sequence. I'm still trying to work out if the slight delay in finishing the combo is worth the extra damage.

I hoping that the end result will look like something like this.
SDS or SS(charged), FtD, finish combo, Lunge, GC3, DG, GC2.

Whether or not you can use lunge before starting the combo and get it's benefits on the combo I'm not sure but I'll be testing.

I've managed to practice this on Mobs and have done it on PVP. It's all about the timing and striking just before you reach your target.

Hopefully it adds that little bit more damage giving us the 2 second kill that we should have.

It will be interesting to hear what you say about it.

Good work

Noxous said...

Ok just to follow on from my last post: It does work but the combo you charge up does have to complete even though the animation does not show.

I have also tried it with lunge charged up before it and it does seem to work:

I manage to open with damage of about 2700 before I've taken a second strike.


Noxous said...

p.s I'm only level 76 and fighting level 80 players


Kevin said...


Does charging up one of the combos, using FtD and then finishing the combo still work with the lastest patch with all the changes they made?

Noxous said...

the new patch cancels the ability to charge up the combos - shame but I guess it was a bug